As a planner and project manager, I often write plans summarizing entire projects from inception to completion. Below are several sample plans, along with some marketing brochures developed to help projects attract capital funding.


For Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners


Rebuild By Design
Big U Jury Report

(contributing author) (2014; HUGE file)

Gowanus BOA
Nomination Study

(primary author) (2014; 81mb)

Gowanus BOA

(primary author) (2014; 34mb)

Design the Edge: Hallets Cove

Hallets Cove (Report)
(primary author) (2012; 26mb)

Hallets Cove (Brochure)
(primary author) (2012; 23mb)

BQE Enhancement Study

BQE Enhancement Study (Report)
(primary author) (2011; 18mb)

BQE Enhancement Study (Brochure) 
(primary author) (2011; 381kb)

For the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency (dissolved 2014)

Terryville Safe Routes to School

Terryville Safe Routes to School Master Plan
(primary author) (2009; 25mb)


Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
(primary author) (2010; FEMA approved 6/15/11; 12mb)